Helping Physicians Connect More To Patients

With growing amounts of information and misinformation on the internet, patients look to their physician for guidance.

The infoScript, powered by ecoFiles, is a patient education tool that enables healthcare professionals to "prescribe" trusted content to their patients and caregivers right at the point of care.  

Working with providers of trusted education, we proudly help put these tools in the hands of physicians across the nation and enable the educational connection patients long for.

Why the infoScript Will Revolutionize Patient Education

Patients Crave Recommendations

Overwhelming volumes of information on the internet leave patients confused and lost. Patients repeatedly tell us that they wish their physician would guide them to the best resources, just as they guide them to the best treatments. 

Ninety two percent (92%) of patient surveyed said they would text for information recommended by their trusted healthcare professional.

Doctors and Patients Need A Change

Traditional educational brochures are valued but frustrating to physicians.  Annoyance with managing a lot of paper makes traditional educational booklets a less desirable option.  

Patients feel that way too! Only 33% of patients surveyed felt a paper brochure was a convenient way of receiving education.

Digital Updates Build Confidence

Printed information becomes outdated the moment it goes to the printer and in a quickly evolving healthcare environment that can be a big concern.  Physicians told us, one of the reasons they are weary about providing a printed brochure  was their concern about out dated information. 

Only 25% of HCPs surveyed felt confident with the content quality of a paper brochure.

The Impact of the infoScript

Both surveyed patients and HCPs felt that the infoScript and it's unique ability to send periodic education through out the patients journey were likely to impact how patients spoke to doctors about their treatment and condition and whether a patient would comply with an HCP treatment or lifestyle recommendation.  

That is exciting stuff and exactly why we are motivated to make the infoScript a standard of care.

Interesting Updates

Top 3 Topic Picks For Patients


We have learned that the more attractive the content is to your audience, the higher your engagement will be, through ecoFiles.  So, we asked patients what kind of information they were most likely to text for!

Tied for number one? Information about a new treatment or condition and information about living with a condition they have been diagnosed with.  Number on how to get the most out of the treatments they are already on. 

This insight helped us guide the development of the keywords used in every infoScript.

Top 3 Topic Picks for HCPs


It is essential that the physician think the content is valuable before even considering "prescribing" the content to their patients or caregivers.  So we also asked HCPs, which topics they were most likely to recommend information on.

HCPs agreed with patients that information about a new treatment or diagnosis was important, as well as anything that may improve the outcomes of those treatments. But topping their list was any content that can help patient/caregivers communicate with their HCP better! 

Guides on what to ask your doctor, glossaries and explanations of test and procedures can make a doctor visit more efficient.  This was a valuable insight in developing the infoScript keywords.

Patient Organizations = Trusted Content


ecoFiles is so excited to have partnered with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to launch the very first infoScript in December of 2017.  Trusted content is critical to the success of an infoScript and the LLS has had a long standing reputation of excellent patient education for hematologic conditions.  

Using our technology we are able to improve access to LLS education about Myeloproliferative Neoplasms and we  look forward to helping to deliver this high quality content for other conditions. 

"We're thrilled to introduce the MPN infoScript to our partners in the medical community and specifically to doctors." says Gwen L. Nichols, M.D., LLS executive vice president and chief medical officer. "This technology promises not only to revolutionize patient education, but also, the way in which doctors share critical information with those in their care."  

infoScript Launches at American Society of Hematology


Physician response at the American Society of Hematology Meeting was overwhelmingly positive.  "I must say, I was pleasantly surprised.  Physicians are very eager to provide their frank feedback, however harsh it may be, so I was prepared to hear at least a few brutal reviews." joked Wanda Toro Turini, Pharm.D.,  chief executive officer and president of Bull’s Eye Innovations, ecoFiles’ parent company. 

Physicians resonated with the idea of prescribing education and acknowledged their role in serving as advisers of trusted information.  

Their biggest concerns were:

  • "How will we receive these kits? My receptionist is really good at protecting me from my mail!"
  • "When will you have these available in more common conditions?"
  • "When will this be available globally? My patients really need this."

We're working on it!