Service Description:

ecoFiles Alerts enables users to request electronic versions of printed materials directly from their cellular phones. Within seconds, an electronic version of the requested piece is sent directly to the requestor's email inbox, providing them with the ability to reference the materials at any time.


ecoFiles Alerts does not charge mobile users a premium rate for receiving or replying to a text message.  However, Message and Data Rates may apply.

Help and Support:

If you encounter any issues, concerns or questions with our service. You can use the following methods to contact us.

Phone: (908) 588-7007    


SMS:  Text HELP to 411321


To Opt-In you must request an ecoFiles keyword to 411321. By doing so you have agreed to receive messages from that content provider for that keyword only. An example would be Text CCATREE to 411321 to receive a copy of the Colon Cancer Alliance's Family Health Tree Worksheet.


To Opt-Out at anytime you may text any of the following: STOP, QUIT, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOP ALL to 411321

Message Frequency:

Message Frequency is determined by each campaign and communicated to the participant prior to opt-in (in the Call to Action) and via follow up email.  Most campaigns are developed as a one time reply in response to a request for information.  Only 1 message will be sent per opt in request, unless otherwise specified.

Spam and Privacy:

ecoFiles Alerts does not sell/distribute your information to any company, other than the one associated with your request, without your consent. Outbound text messages or emails will occur only upon confirmed prior communication of the intent to the participant and will further be followed up by a confirmatory email.


​ecoFiles Alerts supports the use of all major cell phone providers, including but not limited to, Alltel, AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cellular One, Cellular South, Cincinnati Bell, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.