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The Power of Text Triggered Emails

Powered by our proprietary platform, your customers can text a simple keyword and have your high valued content delivered to their email inbox in seconds! 

Simple for them...transformational for you!

Our Campaign Specialists will work with you to figure out how to use the power of ecoFiles to ATTRACT the right prospects and ROMANCE them into a happy customer relationship.


Enhancing the Speaker-Audience Connection

Use ecoFiles to offer your slides or other information to your audience and watch them get instant gratification!  Receive metrics on how many people texted for your information and develop a follow up campaign that woos your prospects and turns them into paying customers.


Revolutionizing Access To Patient Education

Use ecoFiles to enable patients and caregivers to access valuable patient education instantly.  Design follow up broadcasts to deliver periodic education that supports patient between doctor visits or prompts them to initiate new conversation with their doctor.

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