Ever hear of that behavioral law?  Well it could be keeping the distance between you and your prospects and you don't even know it.  

The law states “The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it.”  It was a concept originated by Jim Rohn, but it was John Maxwell who later wrote about it in The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.  We know this law well and it is the kryptonite to so many ways we try to connect with customers.

TV ads, billboards, magazine ads, presentations, videos, podcasts...they all are intended to drum up interest and then we send them to a website that they will THINK about going to...but often never get to.  All that work to entice your ideal client and they get gobbled up by that nasty Law of Diminishing Intent.

The gap between that moment they were primed and the action required to connect with you can be a killer.

We are here to shield you from the ways of that evil law and enable your interested prospects to immediately act upon their interest in you.

It's simple...but transformative.




ecoFiles enables your prospect to text to receive your information and receive it instantly.  

Text for the very piece of content you were talking about, by the way...not send them to a website to search for 15 minutes and get frustrated before they ever find what you wanted them to see.

  • Imagine walking past a shop after closing and wondering what they are all about?  With an ecoFiles keyword, you can text to receive their digital brochure...even at 10pm! PLUS now they know you were interested and can include you in their next broadcast featuring special VIP events or deals!

  • Imagine watching a Dr Oz show, wanting his Top 10 Tips on How To Get Rid of Diabetes Through Diet but he says to go find it on his website.  If he had an ecoFiles keyword for those tips, you could text to receive them that moment PLUS learn about all the other great diabetes education on the Dr Oz website when you get the ecoFiles email!

  • Imagine sitting in a presentation with this amazing speaker dropping some serious knowledge.  You just want those slides but have to wait until the end...hoping he may give his contact info or maybe wait 2 weeks for the conference to send you the link to those slides and...zzzzz.  You get the point.

With an ecoFiles keyword, your interested prospects can connect with you the moment they want to. Period.

We help you figure out what to offer. We set it up for you. We celebrate your new clients. It's that easy.